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There are plenty of low-resolution images throughout the pages of this site to illustrate various topics. Now that I have substantially redesigned the site I hope to include even more content-specific photographs on each page for you to enjoy. On this page I have added a collection of thumbnail images that link to some of my favourite pictures, most of which have been scanned or photographed at much higher resolutions. I shall update this page from time to time. Feel free to browse by clicking on individual pictures, but please note that the download times will be much longer (each photo is between 85 and 150 Kb). To return to this page just click the "Back" button on the main toolbar.

Those of you who can't see the pictures should just click on the text hyperlinks next to each individual thumbnail image. If any of you have some particularly interesting photographs of Kite Country that you would like me to show on this site, please let me know by going to my Feedb@ck page. I shall properly acknowledge any pictures that are published.

Guest Photographer

Nick Jenkins, the renowned landscape photographer and writer, has very kindly agreed to let me feature some of his work below. Nick is a very keen walker and his photographs are ample evidence of his love for the countryside in general and the Brecon Beacons in particular.

Pen y Fan and Upper Neuadd Reservoir
Pen y Fan summit
Scwd Gwladys

Pen y Fan and Upper Neaudd Reservoir
The highest mountain in the Brecon Beacons seen from Upper Neuadd to the South.


Pen y Fan summit
This beautiful winter shot also displays the fearsome North face to full effect.


Scwd Gwladys
You will find many small, but beautiful waterfalls such as these in the South of the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Tor y Foel Wall
Nant Gwyllt

You can see more of Nick's work in his beautifully illustrated book "Beacons of Light", published in 1999. He has also written some excellent walking guides on the Black Mountains and the Gower Peninsula, extracts from which can be found on his Freespirit Images Web site.

Tor y Foel Wall
For centuries the Welsh mountains have been tamed with beautifully crafted stone walls. The sky sets this one off to perfection.


Nant Gwyllt
Nick is a master of these beautifully detailed close-ups, revealing the fine colours and textures of the countryside.


My Gallery

I can't hope to match the quality of Nick's work, but I do have some pictures of which I am particularly fond, for a variety of reasons.

Usk Valley and Brecon Beacons
Hill farm near Ystradfelte
Nature Reserve at Mynydd Illtyd

Usk Valley
This is certainly one of my favourite pictures of all as it is the view from our former home



Hill farm
A typical farm in the central Beacons near Ystradfellte. I love the Autumn colours


The same summits seen from the nature reserve of Mynydd Illtyd to the West. Taken in Autumn

Bluebells in Upper Usk Valley
Garn Goch Iron Age Hillfort
Central Brecon Beacons

I saw these superb examples in the Upper Usk Valley in late May 2000


One of my favourite places, the Iron Age hillfort of Gaer Fawr overlooking the River Towy to the right. Super Autumn sky.


Central Brecon Beacons
This lovely summer view of the central Beacons is from the village of Llanfrynach

Waterfalls in Southern Brecon Beacons
Wildflower meadow
Welsh poppies and Hawthorn

A study in green, this is my wife walking in heavy rain in "waterfall country" in the South of the National Park.


This summer the meadows at Llangorse Lake were filled with orchids and other colourful wildflowers.


I love these Welsh poppies, rhododendron and Hawthorn flowering in my garden

The first heavy snowfall of the year in late December 2000 was followed by several days of sharp frosts and beautiful sunshine, giving some memorable images:

The summits of Pen y Fan and Corn Ddu
Pretty old church in Trallong
Sheep in the snowy Brecon Beacons

The summits of Pen y Fan and Corn Ddu from Mynydd Illtyd


This is the pretty old church in Trallong, just West of Brecon


A beautiful backdrop, but showing the hardships of hill farming