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What's on this page?

About the Site

This page summarises what you will find on my website and tells you where to find it. My name is Den and I am a private individual with no commercial interest in any of the places I have mentioned on this website. In 1996 my wife and I made a very sensible decision to buy a small cottage in the Brecon Beacons National Park in South Wales. Since then we have been able to enjoy to the full our passions for fishing, hillwalking, wildlife and generally participating in the cultural and other actvities that this beautiful area has to offer. Whilst this is a fishing-oriented site, you will find plenty of alternative suggestions for things to do and see near the various fishing venues. I hope that this website might encourage you to visit Kite Country yourselves.

On the happy occasion of my retirement in 2009 we moved again a little further North to the area West of the pretty little town of Hay-on-Wye, from where we can now more easily explore the Mid-Wales heartland as well as continue to enjoy every delight that the National Park has to offer. The Welsh Red Kite, of course, recognises no national borders and is now slowly expanding its territory into Herefordshire and Shropshire and even further beyond. Now that I have more spare time I hope to be able to provide you with more information about the Welsh Borders in the same way that I have previously covered the Brecon Beacons - well, when I am not fishing, of course.

Those of you who are more experienced webmasters may find some of the pages on this site rather long. However, it was my intention right from the start to create a site that was informative as well as relatively easy to navigate. I'm afraid that you will not find too many fancy effects here, just lots of information about fishing, conservation and this beautiful country. If you don't like to scroll, you will find that the pages print out very well indeed. Also, I have designed the site to be easy to read on smaller monitors, without having to scroll from one side to the other. It has taken me quite a few years to get around to this latest version of the site and the use of CSS, so don't expect too many changes for a while!

What is Kite Country?

Basically, "Kite Country" is the name given to that part of Wales frequented by a rather rare and magnificent bird of prey called the Red Kite. Driven almost to the point of extinction by the end of the 19th century, hard work by conservationists over many years is now bearing fruit and the Kite is now sighted further afield. However, it remains a very strong symbol for a fairly loosely defined part of South and Mid-Wales. For the purposes of this website I shall confine myself in the main to the area covered by the Brecon Beacons National Park. As time goes by I hope to explore much further afield into Mid Wales and the Borderland and will bring you more information about fishing and other pursuits in the land of the Red Kite. Have a look at my Area Map.


Fishing in Kite Country is arranged around the three main elements incorporated in the title. By clicking to the Fishing section you will find further detailed guidance arranged under sections on waters open to the public, my recommended flies (and some other lures!) to give you a greater chance of success. There are also directions to enable you to tie the same flies yourself. You will also find my own opinions on the numerous threats to game fishing and our other vulnerable wildlife and ecology. You may like to share your opinions on these also and let me know what you think - see my Feedb@ck page. In the Links section you will find my recommendations as to other related fishing sites, mostly in the UK but including some of relevance elsewhere.

Wildlife and Environment

By clicking to the Kite page you will come face-to face with the widely acknowledged symbol of the part of Wales known as Kite Country, the magnificent Red Kite. The story of the near-extinction and recent comeback of this superb bird is an example of what can be done to reverse decades of neglect and victimisation. This page will also lead you to further sections on local Wildlife in general and the efforts made towards its protection. Again, a Links page will guide you towards further related sites of interest.


I have included many suggestions for things to do and see on the pages devoted to individual rivers or stillwaters within the Fishing section. However, my Country section will introduce you to other delights offered by Kite Country in particular and Wales in general. Starting off with a summarised history of the area, which is vital to a greater understanding and appreciation of any future visit, this section also includes pages devoted to the mountains that give this part of the country its essential character. There is also a page on agriculture, as hill- farming is an essential component of the local economy and dominates the community at large. The Culture page will give you a better idea of the breadth and diversity of artistic endeavour to be found here and will also provide you with a very brief introduction to the Welsh language. A Links page provides recommendations on other sites containing similar or related information.

Tourist Information

Once you appetite has been whetted you will almost certainly want to visit Kite Country yourself and so you will need even more information to help you do so. Look no further than my Information section, which will point you in the right direction. This section includes pages devoted to travel to and from mid-Wales as well as within it. I have included some suggestions as to suitable accommodation to meet every purse, including places to eat and drink. In case you ever run out of things to do in Kite Country (!!!), I have also suggested one or two excursions elsewhere in Wales and the immediate border area - none of the destinations are more than a two hours' drive from the heart of Kite Country. Also, you will want some idea of just how much rain to expect (well, you will if you are a fisherman!) and you will find more details of this on the Weather page. In this section you will also find a number of maps to help you find your way around. Finally, a Links page provides you with connections to more useful information freely available on other sites.


I shall update various sections of this site as soon as any relevant information becomes available. However, to make reference easier I have summarised items of particular significance for Kite Country on my News page.

Contact Me

I would very much like to read your views on my site and whether you found it useful. I would also be happy to answer any further questions you might have about Fishing in Kite Country. If I cannot help, then I shall try to put you in touch with someone who can. Please note that I am not able to assist with bookings and reservations. If you want to get in touch then please go to my Feedb@ck page, where you can either complete a simple form or send me an email.


Lastly, I have included a number of photos to help you enjoy Fishing in Kite Country. Whilst there are a few on each page to help in describing any particular item, I have deliberately kept these to a minimum to help you download pages as quickly as possible. Some link to high-resolution copies that will take longer to download. If you want to see a selection of some of my favourite images, please see my Photo Gallery. If you have any pictures of Kite Country that you would like me to include on the site (plus an acknowledgement), please let me know.


Moc Morgan, whose magnificent book "The Flies of Wales" is essential reading for any keen visiting angler.
Garth Roberts, the tireless Secretary of the Carmarthenshire Rivers Trust, whose support and advice have been invaluable.
Tony Cross, Projects Officer, and the other numerous members and generous supporters of the Welsh Kite Trust, who have done so much to preserve the fabulous Red Kite.
The Brecknock Wildlife Trust in particular and the Wildlife Trusts in general for considerable advice and information and for their inspiration in the preservation and protection of what we should value most of all.

Click pictures to enlarge. Those with a red caption may take a long time to download.
A typical Kite Country village
Trallong, Usk Valley
Corn Du and Pen y Fan summits
Corn Du and Pen y Fan
Central Brecon Beacons
Central Brecon Beacons
The Red Kite
The Red Kite
Brecon Mountain Railway
Brecon Mountain Railway
Monmouth Show
Monmouth Show